1. New Market Research: My Take

    Ray Poynter has had the excellent idea to do a book on the “New MR” - you can read the synopsis at that blog post. I can’t think of anyone better than Ray to do this book: he’s been a pioneer in the UK industry, he’s intellectually curious, usually right, and most importantly he’s got a stack of case studies.

    I don’t have anything like Ray’s experience, but I write a lot about this stuff too, and his post inspired me to put this little lot together: my take on the “New MR”, a filleting of this blog and elsewhere for the stuff I’ve written on this general ‘future of market research’ topic over the last six months.

    Hope you enjoy it!


    The Information Game - what threatens the Market Research industry, and why “quality” isn’t necessarily the solution.
    The Death Of The Research Project - social tech overturns “project-based” MR thinking.
    Research As A Brand - our self-image crisis.
    Give Me Some Milk Or Else Go Home - research and fear.
    Why Surveys Suck - how we got here.
    Research vs Tinkering - can market research influence tactical decisions at fast-moving companies?


    Five Research Ecosystems - self-sustaining MR environments.
    Five Sites That Might Change Market Research - round-up of interesting approaches.
    The Bulworth Effect - why representativity sucks in network research.
    Freemium Research - why big agencies should adopt and embrace DIY models.
    Open-Source Research - some snapshot ideas about giving respondents control over research structure.
    Hot Stats - Statistics can be fun, kids!


    Research as a Social Object - how social technologies change “respondent engagement”
    Avoiding Boredom - “more interesting” doesn’t mean “less boring”
    The New MR Gamble - New MR asks a lot more of respondents than old - is this a problem? More here.
    A Matter Of Perspective - disinformation and respondent entitlement.
    Are We Human Or Are We Dancer? - human agency will be the next big MR battleground.
    Beef! - is human irrationality really a research game-changer?


    A Research Fable - 1989 vs 2009

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