1. "This technological and intellectual pincer movement is squeezing research. But for anyone keyed into the discussions around research at the moment – and if you’re reading Greenbook, that includes you – none of this is new. The arguments on each side are well-rehearsed and fully aired. We could do a panel explaining all this, but however passionate and witty we were it would still end up as yet more hype talk. What we decided to do with Research Outlaws was create a format which would force participants to roll their sleeves up, make stuff happen and hopefully create some fun in the process."


    Lenny at Greenbook kindly gave me some space to hype the panel I’m running at the MRS Conference on the 20th March. It will be awesome! (Far more than the photoshop of my SRS BUSINESS MUGSHOT suggests)

    As this paragraph hints, its secret ancestor is gloriously boffinish BBC science show of yore THE GREAT EGG RACE, where teams of, essentially, nerds competed to solve a problem by building Heath Robinson style machines.