1. Advice For A Research Newbie

    Before I went on holiday recently I was asked for 3 pieces of advice I’d give to someone starting a research career. I wrote them in an immense hurry but looking at them today they seem sensible, so here they are.

    Learn to code. This goes for any industry but MR projects in five years time will live or die on the ability of some kid dynamo to get an app to do what they want quickly. NB I can’t code myself so ignore me if you want.

    Write all the time. Storytelling is your business and the best way to learn to tell stories is to tell a lot of them and learn to love words.

    Do the work you want to do. You will be asked to do a lot of boring things. If you think of something interesting to do, carve out time to do it and then make a fuss about it.

    The only thing I’d add is that “write” should be a more all-encompassing verb involving making videos, matching words with pictures (Powerpoint is comics!), and so on, but only the horribly dry and smarmy “create content” came to mind.

    Good luck, phantom newcomer reading this!

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