1. Regulate… The D-Funk Era

    I spoke at the ASC’s Funky Data conference today on “The Human Edge Of Data”. I may write up the full talk at some point as it’s a theme – how people (including consumers, researchers and clients) relate to data – that I keep coming back to.

    But here are a few of the main ideas:

    I talked about an underlying tension between a world where data informs strategy (where data exists to explain why) and a world where data empowers agile response (where “why” becomes a nice-to-have and constant optimisation is the norm)

    I talked about how the interesting thing about Big Data isn’t the bigness at all – it’s the promiscuity (the power to find connections across different data sets) and the low latency (the gap between information and action). It’s as much Hot Data as Big Data.

    I talked about an idea it turned out Russell Davies had years ago – the uncanny valley of marketing, where targeting is almost perfect but just misplaced enough to be creepy. (Actually a lot of targeting and personalisation is way off even this – targeted ads are mostly godawful.)

    I talked about researchers helping to combine strategy and agility – using frameworks (like the one at BrainJuicer we derived from behavioural economics ) to identify what is and isn’t known, and what can and can’t be directly changed – and then experimenting and playing with the “changeable”.

    And I talked about moving beyond data visualisation to data materialisation – bringing data to life physically by creating objects whose presence is both continually useful and (hopefully) friendly and inspiring.

    This final point came via Russell Davies too, and thanks also to Faris Yakob and Jay Owens of FACE for blog posts on cultural latency and big data vs central planning.

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